Nanda Laboratory

University of Ottawa

Software systems we can trust

*Nanda (nuhn-duh) means "A quest for knowledge" in the Algonquin language.

Software systems we can trust

Welcome to the homepage of the Nanda Laboratory at the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS), University of Ottawa, supported by the Canada Research Chair program.

Our newly established lab currently involves a team of four professors with extensive experience in collaborative research with industry. Nanda researchers investigate novel, practical, and automated means to ensure that software systems are trustworthy. Example techniques on which we conduct research include automated software testing and analysis (including machine learning software), security analysis and auditing, requirements engineering, regulatory compliance, and quality assurance.

Our overall goal is to devise automated means to ensure that software-intensive systems are dependable, that is reliable, secure, and safe. What this means in practice varies greatly according to context and application domains, and there is therefore no silver bullet that fits all needs. To achieve this goal, we focus on applying Artificial Intelligence techniques such as machine learning, natural language processing, and evolutionary computing, to enable effective and scalable automation.

The Nanda lab has close ties with the SVV lab ( at the SnT center, University of Luxembourg, where three of the Nanda professors were full-time professors and where they retain a part-time affiliation and are involved in joint activities. We attempt to create synergies across groups in order to run more ambitious projects with higher impact.

Our research focuses on practical and scalable solutions, developed in close collaboration with industry and public partners.

Since our lab was just established, we are in the process of forming new partnerships with industry and public actors. Please contact us if you are interested.

Our university is located on unceded Algonquin, Anishinabek territory. The name of our lab reflects this historical fact.

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This paper summarizes our view on software engineering and industry collaborations for fostering impact.